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Mont Dieu!  

UNSite-specific installation (2019).


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Installation view
5m x 3m ca.

Styrofoam, plaster, wood, fabric, acrylics.


Mont Dieu is an outdoor installation in Elifelet Park in Tel Aviv. I decided to “recycle” my previous site-specific installation “A Forest”, comprised of twelve 5m-tall totem sculptures, and use the discarded parts to create an outdoor, illegal monument in the center of the city, in a park which is known to host many refugees and undocumented immigrants which sleep beneath its trees in the summer.
Resting like a shapeless, abstract fossil, the small mountain (just like the people) is estranged from the landscape with which it coexists.
In a way, it mirrors the men who live next to it, creating a contrast that links the immigrant and the sculpture as displaced, non-site specific subjects.
Shortly after appearing, the installation was taken apart by the municipality, which had not approved its placement.

Trash trucks came to pick up, and the process of disintegration of the monument was documented. What happens to site-specific art when the exhibition is over?

The process of taking down the Installation of "A Forest" in Alfred Cooperative Gallery, Tel-Aviv, stone by stone.

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